Seth Ciferri Mini-Flatside Liner


A Few Words From Seth about this machine:
“Woooooo damn these little dudes hit HARD. Weighing a mere 5.3 oz and CNC cut from a solid block of aluminum, they’re built to push the big stuff, from 7 on up. The common shortcomings of aluminum frames have been eliminated, with a steel insert at the clipcord connection, and beefy side plate with nice smooth radii where it meets the base and spring shelf, making this frame just as stiff as iron. 8 layer shorty coils stay nice and cool while pushing those baggy 18 liners all damn day. The guillotine style vise with hold any tube, steel or plastic.”

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NEW Seth Ciferri Mini-Flatside Liner

– CNC Cut ALUMINUM Mini-Flatside Liner Frame
– Black Zinc Finish
– Deluxe Blackened Hardware
– Forward Facing Guillotine Vise, Great for Right or Left Handed Use
– 1″ 8 Wrap Heat Shrink Coils
– Medium/Slow Speed with a Heavy Hit
– Running 125-130 Hz @ 6 V Unloaded For Steady Single-Pass Heavy Lines
– Pushing 7’s to 14’s Easy, turn up for 18s depending how you tattoo
– Weighing in at 5.3 ounces