Polybius Ink – Level 1 150ml



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In recent decades we have heard different stories about the tattoo pigment and the words have spread like wildfire.

Now it’s up to PolybiusInk to tell his story.

All the professional tattoo artists after testing it were not able to do without it!

Made with quality raw materials, the PolybiusInk pigment is addictive to the tattoo artist.

Among the main features of PolybiusInk, its ability to block the pigment by not enlarging the tattooed stroke and not changing color over time (Game Over Black does not become clearer and does not tend to green or blue), certainly does not go unnoticed.

It has been shown that after a few hours of session the pigment PolibyusInk still manages to be absorbed by the skin without any rejection.

Level 1 is the lightest shade conceived by PolybiusInk, a light gray tone perfect for glazing, light tones and light areas.

  • Ink already premixed but can be perfectly cut with the aid of level 0.
  • Perfect and fast healing and excellent results.
  • 150ml