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Plain brass machine is the original work horse machine! Build to work long and hard all day every day.

– Works with standard needles or cartridges.
– Great for solid colour packing, shade and line work.
– Hard hitting and can be run slow or fast.
– Weight: 5.18oz(145 grams)
– 3.5mm stroke (pushes singles to 9L, great for black and grey and colour work).
– 4.2mm stroke (pushes singles to 18rl, great for solid colour/blackwork and whip shading).
– 12v motor.
– Optimal running voltage 5-8v.



💧 Rotary Works Lubrication 💧

(and any rotaries)

Apply one drop in the piston hole on top of the machine

We recommend 3-in-one Oil, you can find it on Amazon here:  https://amzn.to/2W7s8FB

DO NOT lube the bearing

DO NOT lube the motor

DO NOT lube with vaseline